Yoga practice is one of the effective ways to maximize your performance on the golf course. It involves practices that aim to build your muscle strength and endurance, enhance your balance and stability and most importantly, improve breathing. It also includes a variety of stretching workouts that aims at improving the range of motion in your joints as well as your flexibility.

As a result, you will be able to maintain your center of gravity while playing. This will allow you to maintain high-level of balance when swinging a golf stick helping you to achieve accurate shots as well as reducing the risks of injuries. In short, a yoga practice will contribute to improving not only your mental and physical health but will also make you a better golf player.

Yoga poses for golfers

1. Seated forward bend

Just like any athlete, every golfer is required to have stretched hamstrings to allow full extensions as well as reduce the risks of injuries. Seated forward bend is one of the poses that will help you achieve that. Sit on a mat bring your legs before you. Without rounding your back, bend forward at your waist bringing your face towards your knees until you feel your hamstrings stretch. Maintain this pose for least 60 seconds.

2. Seated cross Leg twists

It is easy to hurt your back when swinging a golf course if your spinal column is rigid. Seated cross leg twist is one pose that will not only strengthen and stabilize your anterior and posterior spine but also enhance the rotations. Sit on a mat and extend your legs on your front. Bend your left knee and raise it towards your chest with your left feet flat on the floor. Without arching your back, support yourself by placing your left hand behind you. By twisting your torso, bring your right elbow across your torso and outside of your left knee. Using your right elbow, press your left knee towards your right side until you feel some stretch on your butt muscles. Stay here for some seconds and then change the other leg.

3. Revolved Crescent Lunge

Swinging a golf stick will engage both your hip flexors and your torso in one rotation. If you are too rigid, it might be hard to aim further. Revolved Crescent Lunge helps increase the rotation in your spine as well as stretch your hip flea golf stick. Start with a mountain pose and bring your feet close together. Lunge your left foot on your front and ensure that your left knee is over your left ankle. Try balancing on the balls of your right foot. As if praying, bring your palms together and towards your chest. Hook your right triceps outside your left thigh and try to rotate head until you are gazing up. Stay at this position for half a minute, release and then turn the other leg.

4. Bird Dog

As mentioned earlier, balance is vital in golf performance. Bird dog aims at improving not only your core strength but also coordination and balance. Also, it will lengthen and align the vertebrae of your spine, enhance your lower lumbar spine’s flexibility and the best part increase your shoulder’s range of motion. Start on all fours. Extend your right arm before you and your left leg behind you. Hold for two seconds, return to where you started and this time extend your left arm before you and your right leg behind you. While doing this, remember not to arch your back. Aim for about 8 to 10 repetitions for each leg.

5. Extended Triangle

As golfers, we often fail to remember the most important parts of your bodies that need to stay stretched at all times. These are the same small muscles that end up tearing when we do a wrong swing or fall accidentally. Extended triangle pose is intended to stretch the muscles in your body including groin, hips, hamstrings and spine. It also helps open your shoulders and chest making it easy for you to swing with limited risks. Start by standing and widening your feet about hip-width distance. Widen your feet further approximately, 5 feet. Point your toes to the mat’s top. Slightly turn your left foot inwards so that your back toe forms 45 degrees. Raise both your arms so that they are aligned directly over you. Bring your right hand to your pointed toe. Next, bring your left hand into the air. With your right hand rested on your outer shin, gaze at your left hand. Hold for about 60 seconds, release and then change the other side.


As a golfer, you are supposed to maintain your flexibility at the top level all the time. These yoga poses will stretch you up, increase your strength and most importantly, improve your range of motion, making it easy for you to swing with limited risks of injuries. Yoga can tremendously improve your flexibility. Read Yoga Burn DVD reviews and decide if you are ready to get started.